Here are patches I wrote with Max/Msp for different uses. These programs are donationware (
I would be happy if you send a contribution, if you like the applications and if you use it.

These applications run as standalones or under Max/MSP Runtime, you can download it for free from
Cycling74 -


"Gesture1" is a quick and dirty Max4Live-patch to control any parameter within Ableton Live with gestures using the Leap-Motion-controller.

Demo video:

Using aka.leapmotion (
Max SDK (
Leap SDK (


the last plugin

pyrolators Max/Msp-patches

audiotomidi 1.1

The application audotomidi converts 2 monophonic audio-signals (microphone or line-signals) in MIDI, which can be send to any DAW. The program is optimized to use with Ableton Live on a MacBookPro.

Analyzer~ object version 1.3.1 by Tristan Jehan
copyright © 2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pitch tracker based on Miller Puckette's fiddle~
copyright © 1997-1999 Music Department UCSD

(for Max4, documentation is in german)


tenori-on helper 0.96

The Tenori-On is a great instrument.
But if you like to use it with your Ableton Live, you need a few more things:

1. A Midi-Clock, which is more exact.
2. A Layer, which can generate velocity and controller-messages to modulate a synthesizer.
3. A Layer which controls the Ableton Live like a remote-control.

This is the reason, why I made the "tenori-on helper".

(for Max4, documentation is in english)


more information and videos here

brontologik4 (version 4.1 beta22)

a composing system (made for ableton live), including:

6 layer sending midi data (pitch, velocity and 2 controller)
1 layer starting clips in ableton live
8 variations each layer
8 modes (for each layer) to manipulate and arrange pitch, velocity, controller, scales, transpose, key, pattern length, randomness and probability of playing. load and save single pattern or complete data

you need:

- a monome 256 (

- monome serial

prefix /bronto

- a fast computer (mac)

I am running it on a Intel 2.2 (MacbookPo) and it takes 3 Minutes to load…
On my G5 it takes over 10 minutes to load, no fun…….

- max/msp5 runtime

- synthesizer or a DAW

written for using it with ableton live, but also might be well working with external synths.

download here
(for max5, documentation is in english)

more information and videos here

der drücker 2.0

I thought it would be nice to would have an API-style-10-band EQ with a compressor for each of the bands - that´s what it is..... (made for MaxForLive)

The Update also features a Limiter at the end of the chain, and visible gain-reduction for each band.




der schnapper

API-style-10-band-EQ with a compressor for each band. Same same but different: like "der drücker" only this time a more transient influencing tool for a more snappy sound. (made for MaxForLive)



the last plugin

You wish to add an AU/VST plugin behind iTunes, or as the last step (like ARC) before your soundcard or you internal speakers. "The last plugin" is made for that reason. Go to your Audio-Midi-Setup and use "Soundflower" ( to route your Audio into "The Last Plugin".